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“I think there are a lot of people who would love to see [Phantom of the Opera 2: Love Never Dies] go [to Broadway] but I think that we’re all realistic, and I think with the baggage that it’s got, it might be better to just let it be discovered."

-Andrew Lloyd Webber, when talking about Phantom's sequel being filmed and released on DVD

Ah well, this is a good time as any to finally call off what would have been the first Broadway Abridged Web Series, "Phantom of the Opera: Vocal Coach".

I remember laughing when finding out that post-Phantom, the titular character moves to New York City. This seemed about as plausible as the idea I had for a Fiddler On The Roof sequel where we all learn what their lives are like when they move to Hollywood, California. The difference of course is that I came up with "Fiddler 2", I was eight.

So in the 6 weeks leading up to the "Love Never Dies" Broadway opening, the plan was for a mockumentary web series that takes place between during the 10 years between the two Phantom musicals. In it, the Phantom of the Opera has relocated to New York City (pre-Christine), and is giving vocal lessons for free so long as his Christine-lookalike students are willing to pretend that he's invisible. He's dealing with complex issues like a crabby landlord, a cat that keeps deleting the music he's recorded into his piano, the difficulty of choosing between Christine and a new unsuspecting student, and the phonecalls and IMs he keeps receiving (from a secret woman who dresses in dark clothing) about moving to Coney Island.

We had some fun ideas planned. Episode 2 featured a holiday party Phantom throws that only one student shows up at, and it was because she got her voice lesson time wrong. Episode 5 actually took place entirely in Holland Tunnel Traffic (the series was set modern for no good reason). And then later, Season 2 was to be centered around Phantom trying to move to Coney Island, but unable to find someone to take over his lease.

We actually had a lot of Season 1's script written, but we never filmed. First Webber's original notion of simultaneously opening Phantom 2 in London and New York fizzled. Then Phantom's Broadway date got pushed off. I back-burner'ed it back then with the plans to return to it in the case that Phantom 2 were to show up on our Atlantic shores, but even Webber seems skeptical now.

I will miss the theme song, though:

He lived in Paris France
But left Paree
And now takes residence
If you need vocal help
You should approach.
The Phaaaaaaaantom of the Opera to be
Your vocal coach.

He wears a half a mask
And loves the dark
He drives a minivan
But can't parallel park.
So if you want to sing.
(Phantom) "Then come to me!"
The Phaaaaaaaantom of the Opera will teach
You to sing, for free.


Abandoned Projects: Phantom of the Opera, Vocal Coach
“I think there are a lot of people who would love to see [Phantom of the Opera 2: Love Never…



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