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Peter and the Starcatcher recently opened to mostly favorable reviews, but if you haven't gotten tickets yet, you've got a chance to see it free for any performance before June 1st.  

You can enter twice:

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Just as Peter and the Starcatcher is a prequel to Peter Pan, what else do you think would make worthy prequel as a Broadway show?

Contest ends at 6pm on May 1st.  Good luck!


I would like to see the stories of Abuela Claudia, and the Rosarios and Usnavi's parents before and as they came to the USA
Maybe Beauty and the Beast, depends how you do it. Or phantom of the opera.
A prequel to GYPSY.
"I'm used to people walking out. When my own mother did it I cried for a week. Your father did it. Then the man I married after him did it. And now..."
That's all you need, baby. Let's start filling in the gaps and making magic!
A prequel to Merrily We Roll Along. Obviously it would take place in the future lol
A prequel to Follies!!!
How about a prequel to Rocky Horror, all about the backstory of the fabulous Frank N. Furter? :)
I would lahve a prequel to Newsies. Any excuse for more singing and dancing newsboys, really. Backstories of the Newsies and how they came to be!
American Idiot maybe? More about what made the 3 guys make the choices they did? Their history in their dead end town...
I want to see a prequel made for Sunset Boulevard. It would also be interesting to see Norma at her peak and the immediate aftermath of her fading popularity.
I would love to see a prequel to Sleeping Beauty!
The Sound of Music - before that pesky nun and the Nazis got all up in the Von Trapp's business.
Apocalypse Almost. Colonel Kurtz stumbles upon an leprosy endemic and is subsequently (and wrongly) blamed for cutting off appendages which were simply falling off. Afraid of loosing his trial without sufficient evidence, he stays in Cambodia where his once light, carefree heart becomes a heart of darkness (get it?) O! how Apocalypse Now did him wrong!
This kind of makes me cringe even thinking about it, but a prequel of Next to Normal could be fascinating from a storytelling point of view...
Preqeul to "A Little Night Music" - how exactly did Ann and Frederick end up married, anyway?
I would like to see a prequel to Into the Woods. I've always wanted to know what happens before the fairy tales begin!
A prequel to Doctor Doolittle could be really fun - how did he find out he could talk to animals? Did he have a vet practice as a child? Did his parents think he was crazy? So many possibilities!
Private Lives. See how Amanda and Elyot met and what happened to end the first time they were married.
How about a prequel to Rent? I can see it now - a cold, dim garret in Paris occupied by passionate, devil-may-care bohemian artists... Oh, um, never mind.
A prequel to A Chorus Line, where the dancers are travelling to the audition and are asked questions on their various methods of transportation what they do. Crazy tap numbers on cars, jumping all over the subway, it'd be wonderful.
id love to see a prequel to phantom of the opera!
I'd love to see a prequel to Lippa's The Wild Party. I'd love to see how they all got to be as crazy as they are, especially Burs.
Definitely Ghost. Would love to see more of Molly and Sam's relationship.
I'd have to say Into the Woods, there's so much back story given in the show that would definitely make for an interesting show, I think. I think what happens before fairy tales begin is just as interesting as what happens once they end.
A prequel to Company - Bobby and his exploits. Maybe some of his friends aren't married yet and it's just a lot of bromance.
A prequel to Anything Goes!
I'd love to see a prequel to Into the Woods
A prequel to Company. Bobby & Joanne, anyone?
Although it would be quite a devastating show, I'd love to see a prequel to Miss Saigon. With that, we could learn more about Kim's family.
I'd love a prequel to 'The Secret Garden' It would be interesting to see Archie while Lily was alive.
I think a prequel to Mary Poppins could be really interesting/fun. I would love for someone to establish a backstory about how Mary Poppins became who she is.
I'm with the other Natalie. A prequel to Next to Normal could be fascinating.
I would love if Steven Sater wrote another show of the prequel to Spring Awakening. Plus let Duncan Sheik write some more AMAZING Broadway music. The show give additional backstory on about the lives of Wendla, Melchior, Moritz, Isla, and the rest of the company before they come of age. I just love those characters so much, any recreation of the show would be great!
I think a prequel to Porgy and Bess would be fascinating.
A prequel to Beauty and the Beast, how did he become the beast?
A prequel to Beauty and the Beast, how did he become the beast?
A prequel to Their Playing Our Song focusing on Sonia's childhood, such an eccentric character must have a good backstory!
As long as we're dealing with classic stories - and everyone loves villains - why not do a prequel show based on the Sheriff of Nottingham from Robin Hood? It would be a lovely period adventure tale, explaining his greed (perhaps a poverty-stricken childhood) and anger (did Marian dump him for the more dashing Robin somewhere down the line?) He was always the most fascinating character in the story, and giving him some justification for his actions - after all, Robin Hood WAS an outlaw - would turn the tables on what is essentially a one-dimensional role.
Plus, the show would have an enchanting setting, period costuming, and some real adventure, and that certainly gets my butt in a theater seat - just like Peter and the Starcatcher is enticing me to!
I would love a prequel to Next to Normal. It would be Diana as a sixteen year old, coping with her family problems. As Natalie takes to music in the actual show, Diana takes to art. We see her swearing that she'll never become her mother. Hey- we might even learn how Di's mom was too high spirited for the PTA. It'll include her meeting Dan at college. It'll end with the whole "Marry me, let's have a family" speech Dan gives in a flashback in the actual N2N.
A prequel to "Anything Goes"... How did Reno and Moon meet, what is their backstory? And what ever happened to the real Snake Eyes Johnson? What about Billy and Reno's relationship prior to the SS American Sailing? How did Reno work her way up to her cruise ship gig and aquire her angels?
Obviously, we need a prequel to SMASH! It can show Christian Borle and And Grace's meeting and initial terrible musicals, and the courtship of And Grace and Shrek. And Katherine McPhee learns to love performing by losing a popular talent contest! There can even be a baseball number with Gay Sports Guy!
I think you could do a prequel, sequel, trilogy, or eight part mini-series with just about anything Tennesee Williams has done, but I'd really like to see a prequel to Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. That's a family with a lot of past issues to be dramatized.
Wouldn't a prequel to Carrie focusing on Margaret be interesting? I'd love to see first hand how became so fanatical, and the beginnings of her relationship with Carrie as an infant and small child.
Wow good question. Maybe Passion, I would love it if Sondheim deviled into the pasts of Fosca, Giorgio, and Clara, especially Giorgio. I also would love a Phantom of the Opera prequel.
A prequel to Memphis would be really interesting. Felicia's mother's story would have been incredibly interesting! The whole failed singer thing and finally leading up to the day that she dies.
I think that a West Side Story prequel would be really cool! I've always wondered how the Jets and the Sharks became such bitter rivals in the first place, so it could explore that. Plus, maybe it could include a storyline about what life was like for Maria, Bernardo, and Anita in Puerto Rico, why they decided to move to America, and how Maria became betrothed to Chino.
Prequel to Cats.
Just Kidding.
But actually I would love to see a prequel to Evening Primrose.
I would love to see a prequel to Phantom of the Opera to get even more insight into how he turned out the way he did.
I would love to see a prequel to Jerusalem but only if Mark Rylance will play Rooster.
I would like to see a prequel to Hello Dolly. All about the life of Dolly Levi before her husband died. The story of Dolly and Efram and their wild days in NYC.
I'd love to see a prequel to "The Drowsy Chaperone"! Janet in the show, and then her and Robert meeting, "spooning briefly" and falling in love. I think it would be just as hilarious as "The Drowsy Chaperone"!!
Honestly, a prequel to Phantom would work so much better than a sequel. Maybe Sunday in the Park as well, it would be interesting to see how George got into art and the beginnings of his relationship with Dot.
Well! You know what needs a prequel? Book of Mormon. Time to solve the mystery, once and for all, of how dude got maggots in his scrotum.
How about a prequel to Jesus Christ Superstar? The book's already written! ;)
You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown! what were those peanuts like as babies?!


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