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Johnny Depp as Sweeney


No link or anything. I just want to point out that I don't care.

It's the Broadway Abridged mailbag!

Hey kids! I'm thrilled to introduce our first fanmail day! Here we go...

I clicked onto your site, looking for humor, a good time and some amusing quips. I came away with a script that was worse than the play you claimed it was based on. Seriously, do better than that. Other than that, however, I would like to make a few comments regarding this quote,
"See, there's this little thing

that this guy named SHAKESPEARE used to do. If there was
something that was going to be a surprise at the end, he
would at least introduce it earlier in the play, sufficiently
enough so that last moment gives you a sort of "oh, why
couldn't *I* have figured that out myself?" type of feeling."
In a nutshell... NO. Shakespeare did not do that. Shakespeare wrote and wrote and wrote until he realized that his actors were actually onstage, performing the play for a real audience, then just ended the play with... marriage for everyone! Random Greek God included. There is, in fact, foreshadowing in "Wicked", as there is in the novel. The green bottle is thoroughly explained for anyone with a few gray cells and a will to listen.
Also, Elphaba's greenness was not supposed to represent racial tensions in America. God help us, it was written with a larger scope than that.
Oh, by the way, the Shakespeare referenced above is the ending of "As You Like It."
Thank you, please do better next time.
Clara [last name removed]

I'm sorry, but I have to strongly disagree with your e-mail, Clara:
  1. The Shakespeare referenced above is actually the ending for "Midsummer". Also "Twelfth Night". Also "Comedy of Errors". Oh fuck, there's an entire wikipedia entry for it.
  2. Some of Shakespeare's plays ended with death for everyone.


I thought that was kind of sweet.

I haven't seen Curtains yet. I was waiting for some sort of discount ticket.

$60 for rear mezzanine is not a discount.

Shame. Gotta love Playbill's choice of a picture of a slightly-distressed-but-still-kinda-chill picture of Finn for the article. Also gotta love how Playbill clearly puts that in quotes.... you know there was an earlier article, something like "Scheduling conflicts are to blame... but really, it's cause Finn and Junkyard Dog productions got into this huge pissy fight in the middle of Union Square... check out the clip on youtube." But editor Andrew Gans would have none of that!

I really hope he does...

Mo Rocca in Spelling Bee


Can't see this again. Saw it three times. Once during previews, once during an "adult night" (highly suggest the adult nights), and a third time in Chicago because the director and musical director got me tickets.

I love that Playbill's picture of Mo is just stolen off of the Daily Show Website.

A Chorus Line Abridged: Missing Joke

I posed this to the BroadwayWorld community...

If anybody can figure out how to make a good joke out of the fact that Charlotte's husband was in the original movie decades and decades ago (and how weird that is when you think about it) please let me know. I gave up on that one.

New Abridge Added

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Cheap Tickets: Lottery

A Chorus Line.

Good performances. A good production. And for people like me who never saw the original, you won't miss what everybody keeps saying is "not as good as the Bennett version".

But what a silly, silly show.

Young Frankenstein "Teaser" Poster

Anybody else want to tell me what the hell 4/23/07 is?

This musical isn't opening in NYC till at least October.

Good choice!

Actually, I'm rather interested in what Wildhorn is planning on doing with Fitzgerald. Was sorry I missed the NJ Run.

It happened.

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Russia has become more advanced than us.

Also, has everyone seen this? Avenue Q meets Fiddler at the Easter Bonnet Competition a few years back. Never occurred to me to search YouTube for it.

The Hills Are Alive with a Lack of Music


Johnny Depp as Sweeney
There was some Grease show on TV or something...
No link or anything. I just want to point out that I don't care.…
It's the Broadway Abridged mailbag!
Hey kids! I'm thrilled to introduce our first fanmail day! Here we go...I clicked onto your site, looking for humor,…
Kander Writes a Love Letter to Theatre — and to Absent FriendsI thought that was kind of sweet.I haven't seen…



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