Mo Rocca in Spelling Bee


Can't see this again. Saw it three times. Once during previews, once during an "adult night" (highly suggest the adult nights), and a third time in Chicago because the director and musical director got me tickets.

I love that Playbill's picture of Mo is just stolen off of the Daily Show Website.


Is it strange that they're rolling over almost the entire cast? Seems weird to me.
I thought so. But Spelling Bee has been doing a lot of "themed" nights recently, which seems to mean to me that they're pushing for ticket sales and on their way out.I once mentioned to Greg, musical director of the Chicago production, that they should do an Adult night because it seems like such fun. "No don't say that!" he said. "If we begin doing the Adult versions, it means we're having trouble and going to close!"
That is really weird. I know they've stopped making money, but the only one I knew for sure was leaving to go to another project (The Little Mermaid) was Derrick Baskin.- Megan


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