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Sigh. I think there've been like 3 or 4 "Gone with the Wind" musicals.

Randy Quaid isn't coming to Broadway

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The picture I uploaded got youtubed!

I'm now glad I pre-bought some (cheap) seats.

Randy Quad is in a musical?

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So, musicals coming out this fall:
  1. Little Mermaid, the Movie Adaptation
  2. Young Frankenstein, the Movie Adaptation
  3. "Lone Star Love"???
Somehow the makers of #3 have managed to do a wonderful job keeping this show's existence a total secret! It's a Western Adaptation of Merry Wives that apparently played off-Broadway a few years back for long enough for you to blink. It could be good for all I know. But tell me, does this publicity photo make you actually want to run out and buy tickets?

Thought not. Oh, poor "nothing but raw talent"ed Randy Quaid. Whoever the heck you are. Hope you can sing. Shame nobody's heard of the show, or else we might care about Reidel's newest blather.

P.S. Does anybody know how to get not-$75-0r-more- tickets to Rock-en-Rolle?
[Edit: Well, I found $52 tickets (code RRTCE65), so it's a start.]

Mark January 29 and 30th on your calendars

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Let me detail for you how much I enjoyed the London Production:
  • Actually bought the Cast Album, from a touristy Virgin Megastore, in cash.
    (OK, it wasn't cash, it was these weird things: £££££)
  • Upon hearing that the NY production wasn't happening, I eventually caved in and ordered the British DVD from Even after the conversion it was only $8 for the DVD , but then $8 more for the overseas shipping.
  • Took the pains to figure out how to remove region encoding just so I could burn myself a copy of this that I could watch at home myself.
So yeah, mark these dates on your calendars.
[Thanks Rocco!]
Update: NYTimes re-confirms

A better scan of Ursula


God likes pissing me off.

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On the flipside, God's Holy Land likes musicals more vulgar than piss.
Some people (Reidel) keep complaining about the set/costumes not being literal enough. There aren't many pictures for us New Yorkers to begin making our customary premature judgments on yet, though, so I'll withhold on my snarkiness of that stuff till I see the show in December.

Among the list I hadn't seen a photo of Sherie Rene until I opened up a copy of Variety in print. Since I haven't found this picture anywhere on the interwebses yet, I thought I'd (crappily) scan it:

Doesn't she look delicious?
I don't mean that in a sexual or homosexual way. I mean that in a literal way: she looks delicious. As in, like some sort of really fresh seafood I would happily order at "Mickey and Shmicky's".
Maybe in The Little Mermaid 3: Journey to the Land of Sushi, Ursula has mended her ways and Ariel, Flounder, and Herpes The Lobster have to save her from becoming a delectable entree.

International Theatre

Sometimes you forget that Broadway shows are transferred to places besides England. They translate the production to another language but besides that, keep the show looking exactly the same...

Weird. Thanks to Man In Chair for finding this.

Company Journal

Did anybody else see of this?

Kristin Huffman played Sarah in the recent Company revival, and kept a journal of the show during both the Cincinatti and the New York runs.

20 at 20!

The blurb:
OK, we live in an internet age. And getting to a box office 20 minutes just to possibly find that there's no more 20@20 tickets left is a pain in the ass. Here's my suggested change, something like:
  • "Tickets for all 20at20 shows are only $20, starting 20 hours before show time. Just go to the website that we created 20 hours before the show begins..."
Much better! Alas, it's NOT REAL.


In London!Sigh. I think there've been like 3 or 4 "Gone with the Wind" musicals.…
Randy Quaid isn't coming to Broadway
The picture I uploaded got youtubed!
I'm now glad I pre-bought some (cheap) seats.…
Randy Quad is in a musical?
So, musicals coming out this fall:Little Mermaid, the Movie AdaptationYoung Frankenstein, the Movie Adaptation"Lone Star Love"???Somehow the makers of #3…



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