Sherie Rene Scott as Ursula in Mermaid

Some people (Reidel) keep complaining about the set/costumes not being literal enough. There aren't many pictures for us New Yorkers to begin making our customary premature judgments on yet, though, so I'll withhold on my snarkiness of that stuff till I see the show in December.

Among the list I hadn't seen a photo of Sherie Rene until I opened up a copy of Variety in print. Since I haven't found this picture anywhere on the interwebses yet, I thought I'd (crappily) scan it:

Doesn't she look delicious?
I don't mean that in a sexual or homosexual way. I mean that in a literal way: she looks delicious. As in, like some sort of really fresh seafood I would happily order at "Mickey and Shmicky's".
Maybe in The Little Mermaid 3: Journey to the Land of Sushi, Ursula has mended her ways and Ariel, Flounder, and Herpes The Lobster have to save her from becoming a delectable entree.


It looks fantastic; if they kept it too literal, it would sink because people would be comparing it to the movie too closely. I'm glad to see they're using effort and imagination- that's what separates shows like the Lion King from shows like Tarzan.
Sherie Ren� Scott fared better than many in terms of costume. While I believe that audiences should be challenged to use their imagination, they'll have to because the creators of this show didn't use enough of their own.


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