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Switching webhosts.

High School Drama


Former President Gerald Ford dies at 93

Sorry, I'll keep non-theatre posts to an absolute minimum.

In Ford's 2 1/2 years, he managed to not start a civil war or burn down the white house. And he, generally, was not a dick.

Big Surprise.

Seriously, who really thought they weren't going to "extend"?

Big deal.

Martin Short closing

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I think it's about right that when I post links to news, I ought to be doing it with the headline that should be heading the news story.
Oh... and why does Variety insist on doing things like this?:
"Show got a profile boost from one-perf-only appearances by celebs"
Is it so hard to use the word the Variety? Maybe "The show got a profile boost?" Huh?

Stupid Variety.

High Fidelity Closes. Shocker

Am I the only one who didn't like the movie, and thought it would make a silly musical?

(I know, I know, "read the Book"....)


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Today's Thoughts:
  • Blogger sucks. I first tried adding this post at 10AM on 12/12. Let's see when it actually gets posted.
  • Does anybody else besides me find this interesting? I've heard about Edward Scissorhands: A Ballet of a Thousand Pretty, Pretty Dreams in the UK and I actually think I want to see it. I liked Matthew Bourne's Play Without Words and his choreography in Mary Poppins was quite good. Maybe that means I should stop ignoring the BAM newsletters.
  • I still haven't seen Jersey Boys. After over a year of people asking me what I thought of Jersey Boys, I'm starting to wonder if I ought to...
  • Funny how Spring Awakening was on TDF for cheap prices for all of the past month. Then the reviews came out. And now you won't be able to get Spring Awakening on TDF until the cast rotates out and we're up to Understudy #3.
Cheap Tickets: Well I did TDF, but if you don't have that consider the Rush or the on-stage seats

Today I uploaded a new script file to Broadway Abridged. I sorta had to remind myself how to do it. For some reason I pretty much didn't abridge the entire 2006 season. But now, I begin again.

Go see Spring Awakening. Not a "must see", but a "highly highly recommended". The next rent? What the hell does that mean? I haven't read the reviews yet so I don't know whether the reviewers really are saying that or not, or whether that's the hype machine talking. But I really enjoyed it and I want to see it again. This time in the on-stage seats, and not just because I want a cast member holding a microphone to sit next to me.

Y'know, Jonathan Groff came to a performance of Oedipus to see Laura and I talked to him for a minute or two. It wasn't until later on that I realized why his name and face seemed so familiar. Damn.

So, if you only read my Abridges, you'd believe I hate every show. Which is not true. So I'm going to start treating this front page like a real blog. I've been meaning to set up my own theatre blog for awhile and hey, this is a good place. I now have commenting and an RSS Feed.

Here I'll have have snippets of interesting Theatre news and random thoughts, because sometimes a couple of the meanies on BroadwayWorld and AllThatChat take everything so personally it makes me want to cry.


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Switching webhosts.…
High School Drama
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Former President Gerald Ford dies at 93
Sorry, I'll keep non-theatre posts to an absolute minimum. In Ford's 2 1/2 years, he managed to not start a…
Big Surprise.
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