Spring Awakening: I UPDATED THE WEBSITE!

Cheap Tickets: Well I did TDF, but if you don't have that consider the Rush or the on-stage seats

Today I uploaded a new script file to Broadway Abridged. I sorta had to remind myself how to do it. For some reason I pretty much didn't abridge the entire 2006 season. But now, I begin again.

Go see Spring Awakening. Not a "must see", but a "highly highly recommended". The next rent? What the hell does that mean? I haven't read the reviews yet so I don't know whether the reviewers really are saying that or not, or whether that's the hype machine talking. But I really enjoyed it and I want to see it again. This time in the on-stage seats, and not just because I want a cast member holding a microphone to sit next to me.

Y'know, Jonathan Groff came to a performance of Oedipus to see Laura and I talked to him for a minute or two. It wasn't until later on that I realized why his name and face seemed so familiar. Damn.

So, if you only read my Abridges, you'd believe I hate every show. Which is not true. So I'm going to start treating this front page like a real blog. I've been meaning to set up my own theatre blog for awhile and hey, this is a good place. I now have commenting and an RSS Feed.

Here I'll have have snippets of interesting Theatre news and random thoughts, because sometimes a couple of the meanies on BroadwayWorld and AllThatChat take everything so personally it makes me want to cry.



Yihaa! An new entry! Finally!I'm sitting here in Norway eagerly waiting for your abrigded shows, as my access to the real thing is somewhat limited because of my location!Your site and concept is great! Particularly the entries on shows like TWIW...Why don't you join Finishing The Chat? Have you already?Dvarg;)
Wow... that was fast, I hadn't even finished setting up the commenting code. :)I used to be on Finishing the Chat. Then the sorta stopped updating the website... once in awhile when I want to be a Sondheim freak I still go there.


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