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Today's Thoughts:
  • Blogger sucks. I first tried adding this post at 10AM on 12/12. Let's see when it actually gets posted.
  • Does anybody else besides me find this interesting? I've heard about Edward Scissorhands: A Ballet of a Thousand Pretty, Pretty Dreams in the UK and I actually think I want to see it. I liked Matthew Bourne's Play Without Words and his choreography in Mary Poppins was quite good. Maybe that means I should stop ignoring the BAM newsletters.
  • I still haven't seen Jersey Boys. After over a year of people asking me what I thought of Jersey Boys, I'm starting to wonder if I ought to...
  • Funny how Spring Awakening was on TDF for cheap prices for all of the past month. Then the reviews came out. And now you won't be able to get Spring Awakening on TDF until the cast rotates out and we're up to Understudy #3.

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Nah, Spring Awakening is back on TDF for this weekend. Still having marketing issues I guess.

I'm in the same boat with Jersey Boys! I was hoping for comp tickets until they won those Tonys, and then I think that ship sailed :)

I'm happy you're updating again, keep it up.

~ Megan


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