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Frühlings Erwachen!


Jason Robert Brown is a funny guy.


In other news, here's a recent e-mail exchange:
Dear Gil,
Me and my HDA partner are doing you script of dirty rotten scoundrels. We were wondering if you had the copy rights to it or an original copy of the script.
What is HDA? What are you asking me if I have the copyright to? I'm confused.

were going a different way thanks for your time and sorry for confusing you!
What language is that? Surely it isn't conjugated English.
Sorry about that. I never use proper english in emails even though i should

Frankly, your guess is as good as mine.
And this is #3: Tickets are onsale now.

I'd like to invite you all to the full production world premiere of my new science fiction play, "time, et. al.: a cautionary tale about love and time travel".

time, et. al.
is the story of a man, a mysterious journal, a steamer trunk, a wormhole, and the girl from 1925 that he fell hopelessly in love with (which was a big mistake).

It was chosen to be part of the New York International Fringe Festival, and buzz has been going around that it's bound to win at least three Pulitzers this year. [I may or may not have been the one who started this buzz.]

Tickets are now available on our website (which also hase more information and a production blog): www.timeetal.com

Performance dates (you can also click on a date below to buy tickets):
  1. sunday august 10 @ 6:45pm
  2. thursday august 14 @ 4:15 pm [if you can make this performance please come!]
  3. saturday 16 @ noon [tickets for this performance may not go onsale until noon today]
  4. tuesday 19 @ 9:45 pm
  5. saturday 23 @ 9:45 pm
All Performances at VENUE #17: The Connelly Theater
Hope to see you there!

WRITTEN BY Gil Varod and Jennifer Lynn Jordan
DIRECTED BY Shannon Fillion
STARRING Stuart Luth, Lucy Owen and Jedediah Baker
STAGE MANAGER: Isabella Gregory
LIGHTING: Shaun Fillion
SET: Scott Orlesky
SOUND: Jonathan Reznick
COSTUMES: Gina Guadagnino
CASTING: Jenn Haltman

Oh, I almost forgot

Have people not been watching the Joss Whedon musical blog Dr. Horrible? It wasn't working on Tuesday, but now it's on a reliable web server.

How can you not love NPH?
Check it.

I'd hear that the rumor was that Laurents' solution to modernizing it was making everybody young. This is refreshing. I actually kind of like the idea. Kudos to them for being daring.

However, far be it for me to just be plain optimistic:
  • I wonder about Sondheim's lyrics going to Spanish. Except that "I Feel Pretty" could probably be improved if I don't understand the words.
  • I wonder about the 12 year old that never saw West Side in full-English. How strange will it be for him/her to become intimately familiar with this version, and then go back to visit the movie and previous productions only to find that there were once actually English words in those parts...
This is why I love Michael Riedel.

Also, is it just me, or does this picture explain so many things:

What're you doing July 28th?

Why not attend an open casting call?
Co-starring Kristin Scott Thomas and Peter Sarsgaard.

OK, this is important: am I the only one who can't keep from pronouncing it "Peter Sarsgaaaarrrrdddd!" like I'm a pirate?

Edit: Here it is!

Second of 3 Fringe posts

I promised only three of these. Here's #2.

The website for my 2008 FringeNYC Play, time, et. al.: a cautionary tale of love and time travel, is now up and running. You can find it at timeetal.com. It has a production blog (with RSS feed) that we'll be updating as we start rehearsals this Sunday, so for those of you who don't care about my little play won't have to hear about it anymore.

I'll post about it once more here, and that's on July 27th (when tickets go onsale).

So I'm going to throw this out to the public: RENT ABRIDGED. Act two. What sorely needs to be made fun of? (Don't mention Act 1 things. I'm done with that).


Frühlings Erwachen!
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Jason Robert Brown is a funny guy.
See?In other news, here's a recent e-mail exchange:Dear Gil,Me and my HDA partner are doing you script of dirty rotten…
I promised only 3 posts about my fringe play.
And this is #3: Tickets are onsale now.I'd like to invite you all to the full production world premiere of…



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