Andrew Lloyd Webber gets guests piss-drunk so they think the first half of Phantom 2 isn't terrible.

This is why I love Michael Riedel.

Also, is it just me, or does this picture explain so many things:


Gaston Leroux must be turning in his grave...if he wasn't already doing so from the first one.Honest to God, when I saw that picture it took me a second to figure out which was ALW.
This almost sounds like a gigantic farce.
"The Phantom, having fled Paris, is running a freak show. At night, he crawls into his lair and makes love to an automaton that looks like Christine."Am I the only one who finds many things inherently wrong with this statement?
No, you're definitely not the only one. I'd like to think that at the end of the show Erik patents and mass produces his automaton as the first blow-up doll.I am also thoroughly amused by how Raoul is, yet again, the asshole of the piece so that Erik can be the respectable male character and ALW can feel better about himself through his musical counterpart.What's sad is that this musical hasn't yet been completed and I already feel I could write a parody of it.
Do you think ALW has a Sarah Brightman blow-up doll?
@David: I'd say yes, but isn't he "for the men"?
Holy shit, this is going to be epic fail. Phantom 2 boycott, anyone? I might just see if I can find a bootleg of it somewhere just for the lulz, but there is no way I am blowing any money on that shit. Not that I even live in NY, but still.


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