West Side Story Revival to partially be in Spanish

Check it.

I'd hear that the rumor was that Laurents' solution to modernizing it was making everybody young. This is refreshing. I actually kind of like the idea. Kudos to them for being daring.

However, far be it for me to just be plain optimistic:
  • I wonder about Sondheim's lyrics going to Spanish. Except that "I Feel Pretty" could probably be improved if I don't understand the words.
  • I wonder about the 12 year old that never saw West Side in full-English. How strange will it be for him/her to become intimately familiar with this version, and then go back to visit the movie and previous productions only to find that there were once actually English words in those parts...


I'm with you on the notion of Sondheim's lyrics in Spanish. Gonna be tough to sell some of the jokes in "America" in supertitles.
Actually, I think "I Feel Pretty" is a fine lyric. Sondheim has criticized it by saying it's sung by a girl who wouldn't be unwelcome in Noel Coward's living room, but can you imagine how Coward would wittily insult her? "It's alarming how charming you feel? Perhaps we should ring round for the doctor then." To me, it sounds like it's sung by a girl who can't really speak English, and she's entranced by alliteration and rhyme, so she's using them even though she doesn't really understand them.
Six words for you:It's Alarming how Charming I Feel.


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