"Mr. Fox: A Rumination" (Off-Broadway) and "The Mousetrap" (London)

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I only have one word to say about the long-running London production of The Mousetrap: stale. Well, one word besides the script, that is. If anybody thinks I might enjoy this show in a more revitalized production, do let me know.

So in my quest for quality off-broadway I've recently gotten interested in the Signature Theatre Company. Each season they commit entirely to a single artist's work; this year's was funnyman Bill Irwin. A few years ago I saw him in "Texts for Nothing", one of the less-dramatic works of Beckett, and over the course of ten minutes I watched him deliver a speech as he slowly sunk into a hole of quicksand, starting at knees and ending at his neck. Only after the play was over did I get to walk over to the hole and look at it. There was no machinery, it was him sinking down to the ground on his own. Much the same way that when he's being pulled offstage by a cane, nobody's pulling the cane from the other side.

In the second of today's updates, Broadway Abridged entry tackles Irwin's final entry in this year's Signature Season, Mr. Fox: A Rumination. Not a bad look at clowns, but it's nothing compared to him in January's "The Regard Evening". However, if you've never seen this man perform live, you are seriously missing out on one of the most genius minds of our time.

I'll be putting Assassins up by the end of the week. I promise; it's almost done. As for other shows, expect scripts for Sly Fox, Caroline or Change, Jumpers and Sarah Sarah as I get them in on my "list of plays to see this month".


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