The Frogs

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Sorry I haven't updated this in three months now. For one, not much came out on Broadway this past summer. But secondly, I was very heavily involved doing something new called Shakespeare in the Line. Come by and see us next summer when we'll be doing "A Not All That Humorous Thing Happened to Julius Caesar On The Way To The Forum".

So The Frogs. I actually saw the thing twice before writing this review. The first time was in previews, with Chris Kattan. Let me tell you, he had no idea what he was doing onstage. He just seemed awkward, entirely banking on the "I'm Chris Kattan and occasionally Mango" rather than trying to create an actual character. The second time, I mostly went back just to see Roger Bart. Worlds better. In fact, now it's the scenes that Roger Bart is in that actually are the highlights of the show.
The rest of the show... well, just too political for a comedy, and not in a humorous way but in a serious attempt. At one point in the show, Nathan Lane makes a comment on the "current Athenian Leaders: "Have you seen our leaders? Words fail them. Even the smallest words."

This is funny. It's just a shame that the anti-Bushisms after that just weren't entertaining or thoughtful. It's a shame, because it takes what would be an enjoyable show and tries to shove Lane's beliefs down your throat. Sure, shove your beliefs down my throat. But at least make them funny, regardless of whether I do or don't agree with them. The thing is, Lane isn't a good enough writer to write full plot structures. Which is fine when you're writing comedy. But every time this play starts to believe it's serious... well, there you go.

I'll be updating more frequently now that things are coming out. "Dracula" should be abridged in the next week or two (once I've seen it).


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