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BKLYN is a heartwarming story of poor people who live on the city streets in New York and some of them do drugs. For this reason I've decided to call it "RNTLYN". Thanks goes to Megan once again for helping me come up with some of the elements for this Brooklyn Abridged.

Brooklyn is still in previews, but I don't think there'll be any drastic changes between now and then. I think it's going to get some very mixed reviews when it officially opens this month. On one hand, it's got a lot of heart to it and a lot of insight that's different than most other shows on Broadway. On the other hand, it has the flavor of RENT without being quite so inventive. I was very excited to see a modern fairy tale "on the streets", and I think I was personally disappointed that it wasn't fairy-tale-esque enough.

But if you're only going to see one brand new Broadway Musical coming out this Fall, see Brooklyn. Unfortunately, there are no other new broadway musicals this fall. Why does everybody feel a need to wait for the Tonys to begin debuting?


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