Cheap Tickets: Ha!

What do you get when you take a hilarious movie, remove some of its funniest scenes, and then add in a bunch of scenes, only some of which are as funny as those which were removed? Why, it's Spamalot, by 17% of Monty Python! Part Two of our two-part series, Musicals This Season That Want To Assure You That They Are Definitely The Next "Producers".

Next up for purposeless ridicules: come back April 18th, opening night of Light in the Piazza, and then again April 28th on the opening night of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Why does Light in the Piazza have practically no buzz around it? What awful pun of a name will there be for the abridged version of "Chitty"? Send a blank message to join the mailing list and you'll be the first to find out! Also, if I'm not lazy, I'll get a "Dessa Rose" one up for opening night.

I've been planning on doing some new section of this site for quite awhile, but the one thing I keep meaning to do is a FAQ. I'll have that up by the end of the month, but feel free to e-mail me any questions you'd like added to that besides the "Do you hate everything?".


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