In My Life...

Cheap Tickets: Rush, but find a Tisch Student and get comps. More worth the money.

Last night I saw a performance of In My Life, or as I would like to call it, Tourette's The Musical: Because you didn't think it could happen. And if you love lemons, pirates, dancing skeletons and gay angels, let me tell you, this is the musical for you! And if you don't... well, we have some nice party gifts for you and your teammates.

It occurred to me as I left the theatre that it would be a good time to update my list of Worst Broadway Musicals I've seen in my life (tee-hee! ):
1. Dance of the Vampires
2. In My Life
3. Dracula
4. Brooklyn
5. Tom Sawyer

Thoughts? Comments? Maybe one day I'll put up a Broadway Abridged Discussion Board! But I don't have one. It's miracle enough I even updated this website!


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