Broadway Bullet: Grey Gardens' New Songs

I thought this was a pretty good idea:
Basically, Grey Gardens went through some changes over the course of the move from Off-Broadway to Broadway. Unfortunately for them, the Off-Broadway one was the one that was recorded, and the price of re-recording the three new tracks is not worth it. So Michael Gilboe at Broadway Bullet had the sense to get them in and rerecord the tracks.

I'm hoping this becomes a trend. For example, the cut song from Spring Awakening, "There Once Was A Pirate", is available on iTunes as an extra download.

I'd like to see either more of that, or more theatre-y people take advantage of how easy it is to get into Broadway Bullet's studio and record exclusive stuff for promotional reasons. Think of all the great songs that were cut from shows; wouldn't it be great to be able to hear them? Or earlier versions of other songs?


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