Follies, Follies, Follies

This is stupid. I saw this concert. The performances were electrifying. The audience was wild.

They weren't wild because they thought this made a great production. They were wild because that is what happens when you put thousands of Stephen Sondheim fans into a hall and say:
"OK, we've got Donna Murphy and Victoria Clark and a bunch of other great performers, and they're going to sing a couple of your favorite songs."

Take away the Sondheim freaks. Take away the concert format, which easily excuses the fact that we spend way too long on small side-characters we don't care about. And apparently take away Donna Murphy because she's busy.

And what are you left with? Something that isn't going to happen. It's a shame Roundabout already raped Follies this decade, or else they could have done this concert version as a limited run (which I think is really the only way it would work.)

On the other hand, thank the lord this is happening:
Good for you, Roundabout! You're well on your way to reviving every single Sondheim show ever! Merrily in 2008! Passion in 2009! Little Night Music and Into the Woods in 2010! It doesn't matter how long it's been since the last revival, because you're Roundabout! The theatre company that breaks the rules of common sense!


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