Theatre Blog Awards

I don't even know if what I run is considered a blog, never mind a "serious and committed stageblog". So because I'm likely not to be invited in, I'd be happy to create my own awards.

In fact, there's an idea. This year, prior to Tony night, I'm going to create the first annual Broadway Abridged Superlatives. Just like the Tonys. But snarkier.


Review: Quidam
There is a joke about every Disney theme park ride in the world being the same thing over and…
Blue Man Group: Revisited
"Is there anything I need to know about Blue Man Group going in?"How do you even describe Blue Man Group?…
Macbeth on Broadway
Alan Cumming is back on Broadway doing a limited run of his tour-de-force almost-one-man Macbeth, and it is a must-see. …
Les Miserables The Movie: Abridged
"Papa, Mister Hooper's camera is getting awfully close. ""Yes Cosette, that's called a 'bad touch'."…



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