What is Morgan Freeman doing right now?

Right now, Morgan Freeman is sitting at home, bored.

"What am I going to do?" he says. "I need a job, despite playing the part of God in a silly silly Steve Carell movie, and making tons of money from it. What ever am I going to do?"

Does Morgan Freeman decide to search for a new film to be in? Or perhaps the billionth documentary to narrate?

No, when Morgan Freeman is looking for a job, he searches Playbill online! To find a casting notice--in fact, eight separate casting notices--that end like this:
  • (Note: The producers prefer a "star" or recognizable name for this role, but add that they are open to considering all possibilities.)
Yes, the producers of the upcoming revival of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof have figured it out! The best way to get a star... is to post a classified ad for one!

[On a side note, this fucking play was just on Broadway in 2004! What's up with this shit?]

[And let me make this very clear: I am not starting the Rumor that Morgan Freeman is going to be on Broadway. He's just a respected well-known actor that worked for the joke. If I used Damon Wayans, would it be as funny? No, it would not.]


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