Other theatre blogs rarely seem to talk about the industry based on what offers they received in the e-mail recently.
Interesting. I guess Les Mis isn't really the obvious open run that I thought it was again.
And this:
A friend wondered why they couldn't find enough family and friends and industry people to go to Grease's opening night. I gave them the benefit of the doubt, noting that anybody can buy limited tickets to a Broadway Show's opening night.
I actually went to Wedding Singers' opening night some time back. I won a contest for coming up with a new `80s word. Mine was the verb to "beuller":
  • Definition: to be able to get through a seemingly-impossible situation, the kind of situation that is so implausible it could only be written by John Hughes.
  • Sentence: What do you mean I can't skip work with an excuse about going to visit my "cousin" Michael J. Fox, then get into Shea Stadium by pretending I'm Jon Bon Jovi, be invited to throw the first pitch via a total snafu involving a Cabbage Patch Kid bribe, and then take Bo Jackson's Limo home... I can totally Bueller that.


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