Here's some interesting tidbits I recently learned:
  • Frank Wildhorn's Jekyll and Hyde is finishing a 7+ year run in Japan (see the third question)
  • In Japan, the dual role of Jekyll/Hyde is played by Takeshi Kaga [wikipedia entry].
  • He is also known as "Chairman" Kaga, AKA this guy:
  • In Japan, our beloved Chairman played the role of Jesus in "Jesus Christ Superstar", Tony in "West Side Story", the first to play the roles in both Japanese productions.
  • He also was Jean Valjean in the Japanese "Les Miserables":

  • If you watch the end of the Les Mis 10th Anniversary video, he's the Jean Valjean representing Japan.
    Skip to 2:14, and watch for the end of his line where he sheepishly looks up:
  • And to all of you who said I'd never be able to combine my love for Iron Chef with my love for Theatre: HA HA!


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