Finding Neverland Musical

Johnny Depp is awesome. After Sweeney Todd, both my girlfriend and I agreed that Johnny Depp goes on the list of "people you're allowed to sleep with".

For both of us. I'm not gay, but for Johnny Depp I might make an exception.

Anyway, DVD night has recently been any movies that have Johnny Depp in them. About two weeks ago, this included the first time I've (finally) seen Finding Neverland. And although I enjoyed the movie, the entire time I kept saying out loud, "This would be so much better as a musical. This would be so much better as a stage musical".

Well, what do you know.
Film does this thing which is basically making reality and fantasy far too literal. There are ways to deal with it onscreen, yes, but Stage can let you do a real blurring between the two and not have to define anything.
So the moments where the kids are playing, the moments where it's not clear what's happening and what's in their heads, and being actually introduced to Neverland and "believing" as it were, they can all play so much better on a stage.

I am, however, slightly disappointed as Alan Knee, who wrote the awful libretto for Little Women, is writing the libretto. Of course, I should balance it with the fact that he did write the original Off-Broadway play that David Magee's screenplay was based on. But then re-unbalancing it is that
"The Man Who Was Peter Pan was lauded by critics when it played an Off-Off-Broadway showcase run in 1998." Sigh...

P.S. Hello, New York Times? Your piece on Broadway websites was missing one. I'm sure it's not a disapproval of snarkiness, after all Ben Brantley is on your staff.


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