did i mention that i have a play in the fringe festival this year?

you'll have to apologize for me not properly capitalizing things. my left shift key came off and i've learned that in day-to-day typing, i rarely ever use the right shift key. argh.

anyway, yes, i am the co-author of a play that was selected to be part of the 2008 new york international fringe festival. it's called time, et. al.: a cautionary tale about love and time travel and it's a science fiction dark comedy that i'm quite proud of. and apparently, off-off-blogway's interest was peeked by it! or at least by the title!

i promise not to turn this blog into a forum for my private, separate projects. i'll bug you once when i actually have www.timeetal.com working, and a second time when tickets go onsale, and that'll be it.


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