I haven't done this in awhile

A listing of how some people have Googled for my site last month:
  • 17 people: Lea Michele Naked
  • 8 people: Norm Lewis Gay
  • 7 people: "Call Topol's Son"
  • 6 people: How Tall is Idina Menzel?
  • 6 people: Jonathan Groff Gay
  • 5 people: Lea Michele Topless
  • 5 people: Lea Michelle Naked
  • 4 people: Jonathan Groff Naked
  • 3 people: angela lansbury haven't aged in forty years
  • 3 people: Eden Espinosa Pregnant
  • 3 people: Lea Michele Nude Pictures
  • 3 people: normal tits
  • 3 people: the little mermaid broadway funny script
  • 2 people: audra mcdonald nude
  • 2 people: Ethan Hawke Drugs
  • 2 people: how to pronounce Enjolras
  • 2 people: idina menzel is tall
  • 1 person: don't touch my tits broadway
  • 1 person: asshole sex
  • 1 person: come with me im sailing can't you see them
  • 1 person: doogie assassin
  • 1 person: greg jbara wife boobs
  • 1 person: guy overly happy at 2009 tony awards
  • 1 person: guy behind eustis hair tony awards
  • 1 person: how did they cut off the arms in spamalot
  • 1 person: i hate shakespeare
Come on Jonathan Groff, you've got to try a bit more if you want to compete with Lea Michele! Or even Lea Michelle!

And alas, there was the one poor soul who couldn't figure out a particular song title when he kept searching:
  • "what ----- for love" -- chorus line song
  • "what for love" a chorus line song
  • "what for love" in a chorus line
  • "what....for love" (a "chorus line" song
  • "what...for love" (a chorus line song)
  • chorus line song "what -----for love
  • chorus line song "what for love"


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