Title of Show guys are doing a show for the Disney Cruise Lines

About a year ago I was hired to write a treatment for a Disney Cruise Lines show. I had a great time doing it, and they liked my treatment but ultimately went with a Disney Villains themed show they were developing. I should have asked who was developing the Villains show!
Disney Creative Entertainment is joining up with the Broadway writing team of Hunter Bell and Jeff Bowen as well as Seattle based director Allison Narver, choreographer Karma Camp and musical director Ben Cohn for our newest high-seas spectacular onboard the luxurious Disney Magic.

Seeking the following roles:

HADES - Smart, funny, quick, imposing, Must be able to command audience and morph from talk show host, to lounge-y telethon host, to bad Lord of the Underworld with ease, wit, humor and style. Must be a natural at improv. Rock-tenor to a 'A'. Should have a solid mid- to low- sound to his voice and be comfortable singing down to a low 'G'.

PAIN/PANIC - Played by 2 actors. Great comic character actors with incredible timing. Goofy and sweet. Plays well with others. Tenors to a 'G#/A

DR. FACILIER/JAFAR - African-American, bass/baritone. Dr. Facilier is the new villain in the upcoming "The Princess and the Frog." 1920s New Orleans conjuror; both charming and sinister; a real showman. Jafar is pompous but dangerous and powerful. But in this show he reveals his softer side and sings "Wind Beneath My Wings" Tall and skinny. Smooth.. High range- 'E'. Boom-y, powerful sound - ideally with both legit and pop capabilities.

YZMA/ EVIL QUEEN - Angular smart funny surprising character woman. (Originally voiced by Eartha Kitt) Rubber faced and great physical comedienne who can sell a huge number. Strong pop sound- riffing a plus. Belt (or pop mix) to 'E'. Clear soprano, but it doesn't have to be her forte.

CAPTAIN HOOK/KRONK - Hook is a forced to be reckoned with and will have order on his ship. Kronk -Big, muscled, sweet, not the sharpest tool in the shed but you gotta love him. Yzma's loyal and confused sidekick. Tenor or bari-tenor to 'A'. Clean sound- good control over vibrato. Good pop sound, but also with legit ability. Low range- 'A'.

CRUELLA DE VIL/ MALEFICENT - Long thin gorgeous diva with a great bellowing laugh. Must be able to command the space with her body, long cigarette, and feel at home yelling "DARLING!" Good all-around singer- strong pop mix/belt to 'F'. Soprano to 'A' or 'B'. Clear low range to 'F

QUEEN OF HEARTS/ URSULA - Round, imposing, great physical comedienne. Flips from sweet to insane in an instant. Actress must not be afraid to be larger than life and take big physical and vocal risks. At total ease working the crowd. Fearless yet flirty. Strong belter to 'D'.

But... there are so many Gaston jokes being missed out on...


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