Some ‘West Side’ Lyrics Are Returned to English

I'm quite aware that this isn't new news. But I found this quote particularly interesting:
But Mr. Seller noted that, in postperformance conversations with friends and audience members, he was surprised by how many people had never seen “West Side Story,” with music by Leonard Bernstein, onstage or its film version and lacked a strong grasp of Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet,” which was the basis for the plot.“It means we have to work a little bit harder in making sure people understand the show better,” Mr. Seller said.
So let's get this straight. When deciding to do two full songs in Spanish, what you weighed was not the emotional impact or how well it would register or whether the audience would be bored to tears during these moments, effectively pulling them out of the world of the musical.
What you based the decision on was that everybody had already seen West Side Story and that it didn't matter if they understood the entire musical because everybody had seen it already. You're admitting that according to your logic, why not do the scene at the Gym in complete darkness? Or have every word said by the Lieutenant done in sign language only?

It's not like it matters whether people miss key plot points, because you only have to "work a little bit harder in making sure people understand the show better" if people don't come in already knowing the story.

See? Good storytelling isn't presenting a coherent story to an audience, it's just choosing material that the audience already knows! Good job, Señors.


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