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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hi folks,

In a recent Guardian article, I was quoted as having a "flash of anger" towards bloggers who review shows before their opening night. I said:
"It's almost invariably reactionary responses. They're the modern equivalent of the lot that used to boo the plays in the 50s and 60s. I think they're ghastly."
This has annoyed more than a few bloggers, so I thought I'd elaborate, with a focus on Broadway because who knows what those London Looneys are doing.
Now in the great olden days, Broadway previews...
  • Were rusty.
  • Couldn't be seen by critics, not till opening night. Literally.
  • Were sold for cheaper because, again, they were rusty.
  • Actually they weren't *that* rusty, because of this ancient artifact called "Out of Town Tryouts".
Of course, we've made some changes:
  • They're still pretty rusty.
  • Hell, they're even rustier. Half of us have done away with out-of-town tryouts. It's a budgeting issue, but I like to blame this one on the bloggers "out of town reviewing habits" too.
  • We dutifully ignore the Wicked producers who swear it wouldn't be running without them having done out-of-towns.
  • Critics still can't see them until literally opening ni--
    Well, until about a week before opening night.
  • They are now just as expensive as the regular, non-rusty performances.
  • Telecharge and theater box offices make it pretty hard to even differentiate which ones are preview.
  • Telecharge even list the upcoming previews as "upcoming performances".
  • The chances that a show skips out of town, starts previews horribly, and end up Pulitzer and Tony award winning aren't that good.
  • But I still like to whine and bitch.
So do I expect the not-getting-free-tickets blogger to not talk about preview performances at all, even if they paid full price of their own hard-earned money from?


Does that make me an old fuddy duddy jackass?

Oh. Yes. It fucking does.


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