It's the precarious return of the Broadway Abridged Mailbag!

Subject: Free content offer for Broadway Abridged

Howdy there, I was wondering if we could write a guest post for Broadway Abridged - if you are interested, I can offer an original 500-1000 word, very high quality article related to the site. All research and writing will be carried out by a professional writer (namely, me) and once approved it will be entirely yours to place on the site as you see fit. I can choose a title for the article or you can suggest one and I'll work around that.
<snip crap="aboutSomeUnrelatedMovingCompany"/>
In return, all I'd ask is a subtle link back in return. Other than that, the material itself would be non-commericial and not self-serving. Please let me know if you're interested, and if so I can have your post written in within a week. This offer is open to and any other content-driven sites you may own.
Many thanks,

It looks like somebody recently figured out how Form Letters work!

Hmm. Maybe I can get her to take care of doing something I've always kind of wanted to do (if there was a way to do it without spending any time on it).

From: Gil
To: Christine

How about you abridge Miss Saigon? Everybody loves Miss Saigon.



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