The Spring Broadway Season

The shows I'm looking forward to seeing this Spring:

  • Evita: I've never seen a good production of this, and my general dislike for movie musicals means I've only seen pieces of the Madonna one.  This is one of the better ALW scores, and one of the better ALW shows at that.
  • End of the Rainbow: I know next to nothing about this show, but have a friend involved in this one.
  • Jesus Christ Superstar: Actually, I've seen the best production of JCS I ever could: the ridiculous 2000 Pharisees-as-Darth-Vaders production.  But I'm considering an Evita-Superstar double show day.  If only Phantom of the Opera offered 11:30pm performances... thank god they don't.
  • Newsies: I seem to be the only person in the world who had never seen this movie before last month.  I also seem to be the only person who feels that the removal of a few movie-generated story elements seem like a good thing.  The material has a lot of promise in the right hands; don't fail me now Fierstein.
  • Once: I know nothing about the original movie, but this has a buzz around it.
  • Leap of Faith: I'll see Raul Esparza in most things, even if the lyrics were written by the guy who wrote Phantom 2.
  • Nice Work If You Can Get It: I'll see Kelli O'Hara in most things, even if Matthew Broderick is in tow.
  • Magic/Bird: I fully skipped Lombardi.  But given that this sounds like a basketball-version of The Farnsworth Invention, I might be swayed on this one.
  • Peter and the Starcatcher: I really enjoyed this at NYTW, even though Christian Borle was being covered by Steve Rosen doing a Jon Lovitz impression.  I loved the theatrical simplicity of it, and I'm a fan of the new logo.
Am I missing anything?  Something else I should be looking forward to?


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