Oedipus For Kids

In the past half a year or so, I've recieved many, many e-mails asking "why don't you do a Rent Abridged?" And, some people older than 15 simply asked when I planned to update my site. This is not a real update, but this is at least a reason why.

My new musical, Oedipus For Kids, has recently been announced by the New York Musical Theatre Festival, AKA NYMF. Oe4K has book/lyrics by Kimberly Patterson and I, and music by Robert J. Saferstein (both of whom have actually been guest contributors to Broadway Abridged). It beat out over 300 applicants to become one of 18 Next Link musicals chosen. I got to go the launch party last night and meet tons of cool directors/producers/interns. And shout out to Hunter and Jeff from [title of show], who are seriously the nicest guys you can meet.

Currently Oe4K and my next musical (which is aiming for NYMF or Fringe in `07) are taking my life over. So sorry, the updates will probably be nonexistent. And lordy, does Tarzan seriously deserve an abridge. But I am writing the Big Broadway Abridged Book. So that'll happen in due time.

Oe4K will be performed sometime between September 10th and October 1st, for six performances only. More information will be posted here soon... NYMF entirely sold out last year, so I'm sure tickets to all of the shows will be going fast...


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