LoveMusik: Abridged

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I lied. I said I was going to wait until previews were over to post the LoveMusik abridge. I figured I wanted to wait to see how the previews went and what they changed before opening night. But let's face it; I'm not willing to pay for this one again.

This should have been a good idea. The choice to confine it to the love story was a good one, and some moments work incredibly well. I really wanted to like this. It just wasn't ready yet. I don't imagine that quick fixes during previews can save it.

I can imagine some director getting the rights to LoveMusik one day and...
  • Doing it in a small blackbox.
  • Getting rid of the scenery; keeping it simple.
  • Cutting out all of the chorus numbers
  • If keeping the chorus at all, then having them always onstage in the background, like a Schmidt/Jones musical.
  • Cutting any scenes that don't have to do with Lenya or Kurt Weill.
  • Adding Pirate Jenny in the two spots that they obviously are supposed to go into.
  • Making it a 90 minute intermission-less one-act.
Great performances by both Cerveris and Murphy, though.


I think you are a brilliant writer and hysterically funny, however, you should know that the song: "Pirate Jenny" is sung by Polly Peachum, in the wedding scene, NOT Jenny.
Wow... and I've seen 3penny. Multiple times. That's sad.Thank you. Fixed now.
You're welcome...except now you have Lenya playing Polly, which she did not. She played Jenny, and never sang "Pirate Jenny" (on stage, anyway). Sorry. I still think you're brilliant and I love this site!
Hahahahaha....Allright, I think I'll just leave it as is....
Ah, I read this last night and was going to mention the "Jenny" thing today, but anon beat me to it. Love the abridged either way! At least Cerveris and Murphy were good.
This abridged took ten minutes of my life (three of which were spent vicariously experiencing Donna Murphy apply her makeup) and I want them back.Though I guess it beats the $100 and >2 hours.


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