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I'm seeing the Les Mis "revival" tonight. Been meaning to abridge that show for a long time. I've made a pledge that from now on, I do at least the first draft of an Abridge the night I see it, even if I have to stay up really late to get it done. I seem to write these things better when I'm cranky and tired anyway; the Chorus Line one was written during a 5 hour delayed flight from Chicago.

A couple of interesting things today:
Unfortunately for city-dwellers like me, getting to Papermill from the city is difficult. Getting back is even tougher. Which is a shame since so many NYCers who don't have cars would love seeing a high-quality production of classics like "Carnival", often with Broadway Actors to boot. For city-dwellers, I've always been curious why there wasn't a "Paper Mill Bus". Even at an extra charge.
Would other city-people be more likely to see a PaperMill production if the transportation issue was figured out for them?


I can't believe there's NOT a bus. Like, duh. Although I suppose if money is tight, what can you do?
No, I understand that money's tight. But at the end of the day, maybe if they have a bus on, say, just one day every week? Maybe only Thursdays or Sundays? And then charge me for the bus or van ride?I'm not saying this is why Papermill is going down. I'm saying that that's why I rarely went.
I heard about Papermill possibly closing and I really hope they don't. It's such a great theatre.As for the Altar Boyz card; I had one for February when they offered it and didn't get to use it as much as I could have, but I know some people who did. It's genius for the fans when there aren't any great promotional discounts going on and May should be a good time for the Card.
Definitely a shame about Paper Mill closing. I went to see "Godspell" there last year and it was fantastic, definitely on par with some Broadway productions I've seen. As others have mentioned, though, transportation sucks. The train station is very close to the theatre, which is nice, but why must NJ Transit have a train scheduled to leave at the EXACT SAME TIME the show gets out? And not have the next train come for another 90 minutes?
i cant believe phantom got to 8,000!!!! that is awesome and the Altar Card for Altar Boyz is kind of the best idea ever! i think other hows should try it too!


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