Worst Reality Show Ever

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Musical Theatre people, ask a non-theatre friend why they don't like musicals. Invariably, one of the reasons that they'll respond with is that they don't "buy" it. People breaking out into song is unrealistic and hard to swallow. It's one of the reasons these people can stomach Avenue Q and Spamalot, because watching a Puppet or Python break out into song is much easier than watching a cowboy or 20th century teenager break out into song.

That said, why are people convinced that breaking out into song IN REAL LIFE won't be a pile of moldy cheese?
Personally to me, it's a good thing musicals don't work well onscreen. Extends the longevity of the stage musical.

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I saw that. I think while I understand musicals just fine, I really don't understand TV. Maybe they just ran out of TV show ideas?~ MeganPS -- My word verification for this comment was TV Toe Poo!


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