It occurred to me,

There are three kinds of people who like this site:
  1. The kind of person who hated a show, and read an abridge to feel like they're not alone in their anger.
  2. The kind of person who loves a show, and enjoyed these abridges in the same way they might enjoy "fanfic".
  3. The kind who doesn't like this site.
There are two kinds of people who don't like this site:
  1. The kinds who got insulted when their favorite musical was made fun of because that's heresy.
  2. The kinds who just find it cliche, trite, and think the jokes seem to repeat from abridgement to abridgement.
  3. The kinds who like this site.
I am having counting issues.


You forgot another kind who likes this site-- those who live on the West Coast and have never come close to seeing anything on Broadway, but who anticipate that certain shows will be horrible and enjoy seeing them eviscerated, from which they derive a sense of revenge for sub-par musicals littering such a great genre of theatre. :D
I like the site even when you trash something I loved (or, um, worked on). 'Cause you're funny. And generally smarter and more on-target than the professional critics. Plus, funny.
I love all of the abridges, regardless of whether or not I liked the show, because I usually agree with the assessment. I love Assassins, but you made some good points in the abridge and I'm not too fanatical in my ways to admit that.
To those of us who actually have to work on these shows, this site is hysterical.


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