Legally Blonde Abridged

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Cheap Tickets: $40 back-of-theater. Easier to mistake Laura Bell Bundy for Reese Witherspoon that way.

I liked Legally Blonde: The Musical better than the movie.

But this is saying very little, because that's like saying I liked Legally Blonde: The Musical better than Mission To Mars.

Althought now that I think about it, Mission to Mars was pretty funny. In a different way.

Me digress.

Also, check out what's happening to Chicago!

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A)I'm not going to lie, when I heard there was a song entitled "Ohmigod You Guys!" I died a little on the inside.B)Maybe it's just me, but reading about the marching band performance gave me a Sweet Charity flashback.C)...God I hope I'm not the only person who knew who William Daniels was the second I saw his name (and not first thinking "Mr Feeny!")D)More stunt casting for Chicago? Honestly, not that surprised.Great abridged. I've actually been waiting for this one!


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