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My rant for today:

I remember around 1999, Producers were talking about setting up an Online Same-Day Theatre Sales system. Sorta like TKTS. So that, starting at maybe 10AM or so, people could go onto a website and find same-day discounted tickets to Broadway shows. A few performances of RENT were available on some website and then POOF, the idea never came back again.

Wha happen? Seems like such a good idea and an easy way to reign in more money from New Yorkers. And they never even gave it a full chance! What was the problem, guys?
  • Is 10AM too early? Worried it'll cut into your normal-priced sales? Do it at 5 PM! Do it at 6 PM! There are people [like me] who would use it.
  • Worried about scalpers? Set up a ticket limit per credit card per day. Have
    all "TKTS-Online" tickets be printed out with giant black borders like "MUST SHOW ID AT DOOR". If someone brings this ticket in, they have to have an ID showing they bought it.
  • In addition to a ticket limit, make me sign up to join and have some verification for who I am so I can't buy too many tickets in one day.
It's 2007. Technology has made this sort of thing easier. TKTS attracts the tourists who want to spend 50-75%, are flexible, and don't care what they see.
But what about the New Yorkers who are very flexible, and can go see shows at a moment's notice, and would love to spend $40 to fill up that unused, unsold seat? We're not going to travel to the Theatre to do it. We don't even want to wait at TKTS. But we'll do it online, even to take the TKTS dregs.


I know who is going to be in Young Frankenstein:Megan Mullally, Shuler Hensley, Roger Bart, and Sutton Foster
Well yeah... but you're replying to a May 18th post on July 22nd... so yeah...


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