Take a look at what I got in my e-mail today...

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  1. Do you think that Avenue Q School Edition is going to just be kinda like Sesame Street, whereas the original was a spoof on Sesame Street?
  2. Do you think that the Avenue Q Regular Editions are going to offer Rick Lyon's puppets as part of the rental?
  3. Do you think some theatres are going to make their own puppets, or have no puppets at all? As Kevin McCollum pointed out, it's not as funny without the puppets; the puppets are the modern day equivalents to the Greek Masks of yore.

The e-mail:


AVENUE Q and AVENUE Q School Edition

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Dear Friend of MTI:

We're delighted to announce that MTI has acquired the rights to represent the exciting and edgy hit musical AVENUE Q! While it is not available for general release at this time, we wanted you to know that in conjunction with the authors, the plan is to release two versions of the show: AVENUE Q School Edition (suitable for High Schools to perform, with any material that might be deemed "questionable" for a general audience altered or removed) and the full version of AVENUE Q, with variations for sections/songs/lyrics that will allow a production to retain as much of the original as possible, but be flexible to allow theatres to amend it within author-approved guidelines for various community standards.

We have set up two special FAST TRACK notification pages for these versions of AVENUE Q. We also have included a text field where you can make any comments or give us your thoughts about how you think AVENUE Q will work in your theatre. We look forward to hearing from you!

Your friends at MTI!


AVENUE Q Full Edition
AVENUE Q School Edition


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When you do Little Shop, the licensing agreement says that you MUST use plant puppets built to certain specifications. Which is sort of a great deal for anyone who bothers to build one, 'cause then they can rent them to people who don't want to.I wonder if Q will have a similar clause?


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