Tony Performances Sorta-Announced

Not that Playbill always reports news; often a Playbill article is really just a rumor. Still...

New Shows:
  • Grey Gardens: The Revolutionary Costume for Today.
    I can't even imagine what other song would have been a good choice. If you're selling Ebersole, you sell Ebersole.
  • Spring Awakening: Medley
    Bitch of Living is a better choice. Watching Reidel on PBS "can you say Bitch on TV?" is pretty funny when PBS isn't bleeping it.
  • Curtains: Show People
    This "let's use the whole cast" emphasis is stupid; producers should sell the show. The goofy dance number in act 2 with Pierce would be a better choice.
  • Mary Poppins: Step In Time and Anything Can Happen
    Bravo to Disney for disagreeing with everybody on the message boards' assumption that they're going to do Supercali...
  • Chorus Line: One
    While the obvious choice, I'd like to see the producers do something radical like At The Ballet. Unfortunately, neither showcase Charlotte, but Music and the Mirror isn't a good Tonys number.
  • Company: Being Alive
    Normally I'd say that there are much better songs to sell this show, but most of the other didn't execute well. Plus, everybody loves Raul.
  • 110 In The Shade: Raunchy
    I guess this is better than Simple Little Things.
  • Apple Tree
    Is this even performing a number?
P.S. Eddie Izzard is presenting. Cool.


Hi, Gil!Yay for Eddie Izzard!Still, why not Bitch of Living for Spring Awakening? Such an obvious choice, and it's a great, energetic song. I could understand the medley if Lea Michele had been nominated, but she wasn't.I'm just glad 110 isn't doing Little Red Hat.I agree with you about Chorus Line: a less obvious choice would have been fun. A part of Hello Twelve, Hello Thirteen, Hello Love could have been cool if they wanted a group number.Love Christine Ebersole (interestingly enough, she went to college around the corner from my high school), and can't wait to see Revolutionary Costume! (If I have my way, I'll be seeing her do it live this summer, but we shall see.)Can't wait to hear what you think of the Tonys!
Apple Tree may not perform, especially considering it wasn't nominated for anything else. I know Pacific Overtures didn't perform anything at the 2005 Tonys either.
according to Broadway. com, Apple Tree isn't performing, since it closed two months ago.-laura
I am soo hoping Company and Grey Gardens win. And of course John Doyle for director! Buuut I'll bet Spring Awakening gets a bunch. All that sex and stuff. And I am very excited for the greatness of Eddie Izzard.
I actually think "Show People" is a great choice for Curtains. When I saw it, I immediately loved the song and thought it was almost a showstopper. Also, it highlights the two stars - Debra and David.I don't think Raul's "Being Alive" will sell tickets. "Raunchy" might, if Audra is as great as everyone says. Of course, the best choice for SA is "Totally Fucked" but obviously they can't do that. "Revolutionary Costume" is far from my favorite song from that score, but I do think it's the best choice - "Jerry Likes My Corn" wouldn't sell very many tickets. I wish ACL would do "At The Ballet" too.
There's something about "Show People" that struck me as trying too hard or too forced or something. Maybe I'll like it better after a second listen.Being Alive, Raunchy and Revolutionary Costume won't sell tickets to anybody unless the ticket buyer is the kind who wants to see a show just for a performer.
I don't think the Spring Awakening medley is a bad idea, and I kind of figured it's what they'd do. They don't have too many good songs that showcase the girls and guys, and they were nominated for so many awards that showcasing the ensemble is a good idea. Also, they already did Bitch of Living on the late night talk shows (Letterman or something?), so obviously that already reached millions more people than the 37 of us who are going to watch the Tonys.I called Chorus Line and 110's numbers. I'm glad Mary Poppins is doing Step In Time, though I guess there's no way they're going to put Gavin Lee's little jaunt in there. Being Alive was fairly expected too, since they are really trying to keep this show alive at the box office by showcasing how much everyone LOVES Raul!And don't forget FANTASIA! You know, instead of Apple Tree or something.~ Megan
I would have totally loved to see ACL's Hello Twelve Hello Thirteen. Being Alive is my fav cause of Raul but Im not sure it gives the best idea of the show. Marry Me a Little might have been a bit more. Still. personally. I'm glad its Being Alive. I just want to see Ebersole again though I didnt love the musical so I dont care what song. as long as it's her. Ill take anything of Spring Awakening that I can get!


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