The Tonys Officially Suck


Every complaint about the Tonys has already been aimed at the Oscars, except for that the Oscars have famous people.

I don't think there's anything they can do to make these award shows better except for to get rid of the awards part, or get rid of all of the speeches at least. We already know throwing Jimmy Fallon in front of the camera doesn't work.

Wouldn't be too surprised to see this moving to PBS sometime soon...


I wouldn't be so sure the PBS wants it either. They did a 1-hour lead-in for a couple of years and dropped that.IMHO, the ATW needs to expand eligibility for a Tony Award beyond midtown Manhattan. If the major regional theatres (e.g., the Goodman in Chicago, the Guthrie in Minneapolis, the Alliance in Atlanta) presented shows at the same requirements met by the current roster of Broadway houses, there might be more interest across the country. In the past when I've mentioned this, I've been met with "but the Tony voters are mostly here in NY - they won't see regional shows because they can't get there." I guess there would need to be some changes made in how Tony voters are selected in that case, as well as how accommodations would be made to see the nominees. It is a new century, after all.
"but the Tony voters are mostly here in NY - they won't see regional shows because they can't get there."Yeah this comment's always pissed me off. Like the Tony voters always see the shows even if they *do* live in NY?Theatre is regional... they could have different voters for some awards. Some who are NY-centric, some who aren't.


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