3.9696 British Seasons of Love

A number of you have pointed out that the new British Rent.Remix logo has an "issue"...

Perhaps we'll zoom in a little closer to clarify...

521,600. Which is 4,000 minutes off from the number highlighted in "Seasons of Love".

I think it's pretty clear why some find this to be a discrepancy:
  • 4000 minutes / 60 = 66.6667 hours.
  • 66.667 hours / 24 = 2.7778 days.
2.7778 days difference between American and British years? Why, of course we Americans have an extra 2.7778 days! The significance is obvious!
This is the total yearly difference of time between how much the average British vs. American person spends brushing their teeth.


This may have been addressed already but I'm too lazy to look so: what about Benny? Are they choosing to slim down his role slightly and just make the actor one of the ensemble?(I've always felt that's how it should be. Benny is NOT a main character. He could have been, but he's just not.) I'm not sure how much of that makes sense, but I'm not so good with the words.
Hey GilI believe the discrepency is illustrated in the difference between British PAL video format and American NTSC video format, which accounts for a difference in frame rate of a fraction of a second. Over the course of a year, all these fractions of a second add up to EXACTLY 4000 minutes. -- Jake
I'd like to see the British use our video format and not theirs because ours is better and theirs is more stupider.I'd like to see somebody do a production of Rent where Benny is a voice-over, because you could remove Benny entirely from Rent and nobody would notice. The use of voice-over would clarify the fact that Benny represents "the man".To further clarify it, Benny could be voiced-over in a German Nazi accent.


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