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that I tried to abridge Les Miserables was about a year and a half ago. Les Mis wasn't on Broadway at the moment, so I started writing a version of the abridge that takes place in an alternate universe where Les Mis was still running because, to keep the show from having empty houses, the producers create Weissler-style casting of stars.
It was going to be called Celebrity Les Mis. I remember that it starred Ben Affleck as Marius, Bronson Pinchot as a really crappy Enjolras, Paris Hilton and Britney Spears playing a siamese-twins version of Eponine, and Danny Devito as Gavroche.

And of course, Sean Connery was Jean Valjean.

Shame I was too lazy to do it. But I liked the idea...

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Les Miserables, Trekkie version now that's something you don't see everyday. If it had been made Celebrity Les Mis would have been awesome with Sean Connery as Jean Valjean.


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