Previews forever!

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I don't care if he's put tickets at an all-time high. I still want to see Young Frankenstein, even if I expect it to not be as good as Producers with Lane and Broderick and even if it stays in previews forever.

So here's a thought Mel: Actually keep it in previews forever! Don't invite the critics, just assume word of mouth will be good enough, and never open it. You're already absurd-izing the ticket prices, see what other conventions you can break.

Of course, when you lose Bart/Mullally/Foster/hensley/Marin/Applegate/Fitzgerald and you're trying to attract better audiences with the replacements, that probably won't help you with the papers, will it. Also, they'll just come anyway.

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Love the word absurdizing. I'll have to use that one.Cheers!


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