Rent.Remixed: Pictures

Just saw the return of Rapp/Pascal in Rent on Wednesday. The abridge of this PERIOD PIECE will be coming in the next few weeks...

Speaking of Rent's period-piece-ness, some pictures of London's "reimagining" of Rent:

That last picture, you're looking at Collins, Angel, Mimi, Roger, Joanne, and Mark. Maureen hasn't been cast yet* but it's an interesting look. Diversity issues aside, kudos to them for deciding that you didn't need to have every single person the same exact ethnicity as the original cast. Interested to see how this comes out.

* Some pre-hags** are convinced they haven't announced the Maureen casting yet because they're casting Idina Menzel again! How deluded can you get?
** Yes, pre-hags. This is a word I just coined. It describes the sort of 16 year old girl who is convinced that Rent/Wicked/Spring Awakening is the best musical ever (even though it's the only one they've seen) and likes to emphatically hold hands with her friends after requesting "on my own" from the DJ at a high school dance.
They're pre-hags because they're just a few years shy of being a fag hag, but they're definitely gonna become one.


There's a mistake in the E. It says 521,600.Crazy Brits and their disappearing 4,000 minutes.
Hey now, don't compare us fag hags with pre-pubescent faux musical theater experts. Those girls wish they could be fag hags, but in order to be a true fag hag you have to know more musicals than just Renickmizakening (Rent/Wicked/Les Miz/Spring Awakening). As a true fag hag (and purveyor of musicals including On the Twentieth Century, Anyone Can Whistle, Steel Pier, 1776, and Bells Are Ringing) I'm a bit offended to be compared to girls who think musical theater began with Idina Menzal.*kidding...sort of*Can't wait for you Abridgment! I'm a Rent fan and all, but it's been a long time coming and the (in my opinion) poor choice to bring back Pascal and Rapp makes it even better.
I was reading on another site, that the number of minutes on the "E" in "RENT" is incorrect. Should read 525,600, not 521,600but those Brits always do things differently....
I love how they are supposed to be in New York City's East village, yet they're basically all white. How realistic. I mean...even Joanne. It'll be fun to see how she belts out "Take me or Leave Me" without a big booming gospel voice...
Well, the thing is, all fag hags have to start somewhere. You don't just pop into being already having the score to Henry, Sweet Henry memorized. I think that's kind of the idea behind the pre-hag: give them Rent and Wicked now, and someday they'll discover The Grass Harp.
Black girls aren't the only ones who can't belt, you know.That said...*pre-hag* is an impressively accurate term. I'm shuddering right now...but I know many.
I was more afraid they had CUT the role of Maureen! there's a press release saying they've made dramatic changes to "Take Me or Leave Me". Working it as a solo for pretty blondie Joanne would be a dramatic change...I don't think I want to see this production.


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