So because London hasn't had it around continuously for 11 years, they're getting the first chance of a re-conceiving of Rent.

Think this might be a good idea on Broadway. Take some of the staleness out and refill it with new life. Much like how Les Mis closed down and re-casted from scratch to get a rebirth (I'm talking about the 10th anniversary, not the closedown for the current "revival"). I do think Rent would fare well as a show with no chorus and just the main cast in a small blackbox. It might fix act two's confusing all-over-the-place-ness.

Of course, that's heresay about Rent being stale. I don't actually know whether it's stale right now. I'll find out when I see it in late August with Rapp and Pascal. At which point I actually plan on Abridging Rent.

But before that, there's another "classic" show I'll be putting an abridgment up for in the next week or so. It'll be soon I promise, so don't LOOK DOWN.


A Les Mis Abridgment and a Rent Abridgment coming up? You have made me one happy reader!
So is the "LOOK DOWN" bit a hint at a Les Mis Abridged?Oh god I'm such a geek.


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