It must be really hard to be an advertising company that sends out LINKS THAT WORK

Hey, other Bloggers? Did anybody else get this? I've never been a recipient of Press Releases before...
Dear Blogger,
My name is Melanie Klein and I am doing the blogger outreach for The New Mel Brooks Musical Young Frankenstein. I came across your blog while searching, and I thought I would share the Press Announcement, and cast list

We are pleased to present The New Mel Brooks Musical Young Frankenstein, a new musical comedy from the creative team of

The production stars Roger Bart (Dr. Frederick Frankenstein), Megan Mullally (Elizabeth),

Official URL

Photos URL

Video URL


Brooklyn, NY 11201
Wait, I have more sarcastics for you:
  • Mel Brooks can't afford any better than this for publicity?
  • Young Frankenstein is doing outreach?
  • bloggers?
  • ...when the show isn't even open yet?
  • ...without giving me a free ticket?
  • And don't they know that Sunday, November 4th, I'm going to essentially be writing a scathing review of it?
  • Regardless of whether or not I liked it?
Ms. Klein: if you want to have the Bloggers pay attention, don't send a press release letting us know that the loudest musical of the fall is coming... give us some content to post about.

If not, then I have to make up content. At your expense.


I didn't get a YF press release, but I don't think I'd be able to do them much good even if they did. =PStill, it's nice to see that shows are starting to make their press available to bloggers, given that traditional press coverage is shrinking and most of the obsessive followers have shifted to the net ANYWAYS. Of course, Variety are estimating YF supposedly brought in over $800K for its first four previews with the average price high enough to safely assume that those overpriced premium seats are actually selling. You'd damn well better believe that they should offer blogger comps for coverage at that point. Then again, I suspect that reviewers are more likely to be honest about how they feel when its their own money on the line each time...
Then again, I suspect that reviewers are more likely to be honest about how they feel when its their own money on the line each time...But they don't want honesty! If I get my ticket for free, I get to enjoy it for its own methods. If I have to pay, the question I'm really asking is "Is this show worth $120 + Ticketbastard"?


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