Legally Blonde

I just watched random pieces of Legally Blonde fast-forwarding through it on my brandless Tivo. Orfeh got a lot better since previews.

I kinda watched it mostly to see Leslie Kritzer again, not realizing that she had already moved onto "A Catered Affair" before the taping.

But it might have all been worth it to watch the "back-from-the-commercials" recaps being lifelessly delivered by three coked-up Legally Blonde pre-hag fans.

[P.S. If you've now watched it on TV, this is your reminder that you might now understand the abridged script.]


MTV should have chosen girls to "host" that were interested and had at least a little personality. The drones that did don't even deserve to be on TV.On another note, I did read your abridged script the other day, it was very amusing. When is the next one going up? I have been anxiously waiting for your RENT one.
I am actually writing the RENT one this very second. Apparently this one ended up being a lot tougher than Les Mis.
This is going to be extremely hard to believe, but those three girls are actually "actresses" who have a show on MTV called 'The Hills.' I know. I thought they were random teenage girls too. They were so terrible.
No.No!No.No fricking way!WHAT'S WRONG WITH THE WORLD?
Apperently teenaged girls want to watch a (literally) scripted reality show about girls richer than they'll ever be.(P.S. and totally unrelated: Glad to hear you're still working on Rent abridged. Can't wait to read it.)


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