It seems like the big stuff is happening in London right now. I just listened to the entire first performance of Rent.Remixed. It's not as bad as everyone's making it out to be. Those who haven't heard it but have seen it are complaining because they re-arranged the songs from what the old cast album makes us comfortable with. So what if there's shoo-wops in the background?

Meanwhile, Jason Robert Brown's Parade just got better reviews for its revised version in London. Who's with me on starting a petition for Roundabout to import it back into the states?

And Roundabout specifically, because I like paying $20 a ticket.


Songs are absolutely bearable most of the times, except from What you own and Out Tonight IMHO.What really disturbed me was the feeling of emptiness behind the staged changes, that seemed meaningless and messy in many parts, as well as some of the acting. Siobahn is dreadful, Oliver Thorthon wears A&F, moves like he's on the catwalk and sings like he was still in Les Miz, Angel has become a joke and sings most of the songs in playback, Joanne has become sexy and provocative (Can I kiss your Manolo? The actress is really good though) and Benny moves like George Jefferson. However Luke Evans-Roger and Leon Lopez-Collins are outstanding and DVO's Maureen is not bad at all.I felt like a huge occasion to give new life to this show was lost, courtesy of Kylie Minogue's people...
The more I think about this production of RENT, the more I think that it could be good if everybody gets on the same page and does their job properly during previews.That said, I will be sorely disappointed if it's still as empty and uneven when I revisit the show next week as it was at first preview. According to sources working the show, they're making a lot of changes and taking some of the most insane parts (all the feathers for one) out. If this trend continues, I suspect we'll see something less gimmicky in the staging, but perhaps still not ideal. Alas, such is theatre.Re: Parade, I knew there was something I'm forgetting. Guess I'd better find time to block in a visit to the Donmar...
Haven't seen rent.remixed, but I've listened to the recording. The pacing is just bad in my opinion, and the choices they made were for the worst. They took the debotchery out of Today 4 U. They turned the powerful "What You Own" (my personal favorite song) into an emo ballad.I'm with you on bringing Parade back. That show is amazing.
Come on, let's face it: "What You Own" was always kind of an Emo ballad for the ages. :)
There's a little emo in "What You Own", but it's also extremely cynical, and I think that if you've got an edgier Mark you lose the emo and get some proper catharsis instead.Also, saw first preview of London Hairspray tonight. I think the two big homegrown shows for this season (Bad Girls and the upcoming Desperately Seeking Susan) have just been slapped down hard by the mighty American import.


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