Here's the theatre news that turned me on today. Sexually.
  1. Reidel says Roger Bart is returning to Young Frankenstein tomorrow and should be around till the opening on the 8th. Which means he should be in it when I see it on the 3rd, and then when I write the abridge I won't have to lie and pretend I saw him in it.
  2. The same article says that "Eddie Izzard might jump in, but he's shooting a TV show until February." If that happens at any point at all, and I couldn't get any of the $60 rear mezz seats, I'd actually buy a $120 ticket to see him in it.
    (Hey, do other people know who this comic genius is?!?!?!?)
  3. The amazing masterpiece known as In My Life is having a run in Chicago. If you live in the Windy you must, must must attend this. You must not pay any money for this, but you must attend this.
  4. Harvey Keitel in Jerry Springer The Opera?


Yeah, I actually have a friend who is in the Chicago cast of In My Life. When he told me it took everything I had not to laugh.
What part does your friend get to play?How I'd love to be in that show. I have my own take on the part of Al too. He's going to be a Russian Communist Stereotype.
I'd pay to see In My Life in Chicago...IML was better than the new production here of Desperately Seeking Susan...after all, terrible theatre makes you feel something.


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